Vegans and hunters in the same sentence? You must be thinking there is no way this could end well. The thing is, it doesn’t necessarily need to. Although painted as polar opposites in every aspect of society, hunters and vegans have much more in common than most think or believe. In many cases, they share the same common interests and goals. Let’s break down the walls and start the conversation. Here are three fascinating things vegans and hunters have in common:

  1. They love animals

Fictional media has done a tremendous job of making hunters out to be bloodthirsty emotionless killers. But typically, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. While you can never speak for everyone, it’s safe to say that the vast majority of hunters believe in the ethical treatment of animals. Why? Because animals are spectacular creatures. They should be admired and appreciated and never taken for granted. This is a core truth any vegan or hunter can agree on

  1. They care about what they feed themselves and their family

The modern food system has become over-processed and full of chemicals. This includes everything from corn to beef. Really, the only way to escape the system is a diet of organic locally sourced goods. For much the same reason, both vegans and hunters have made a conscious choice, for both themselves and their families, to eat only organic and locally sourced. Whether you choose to eat meat or not, both sides need to respect the other’s decision to commit to a healthier lifestyle and diet.

  1. They care about the environment

Factory farming, deforestation, and industrialization are all having heavy impacts on our environment. Not only are these things affecting us humans, but are also impacting all wildlife on this planet. Wildlife ecosystems are important to our planet and need to be saved. This concept is highly cherished by both vegans and hunters alike. Understanding this mutually shared interest gives us all more power to unite and make a positive impact on our planet.

While there are fundamental ideological differences between vegans and hunters, we shouldn’t forget the core beliefs they have in common. Together we can do more. More for the animals, more for our environment, and more for our health. Who wouldn’t agree with that?

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