Precision Rimfire Shooting (PRS) is nothing new to the sport of shooting, but in recent years, we’ve seen a number of new organizations and competitions break onto the scene — especially here in Canada. Currently, Canadian RPS competitions like CRPS and the new X/22 Challenge Series, are so popular that many events hit full capacity after announcement. What is it about these shooting competitions that make PRS one of the fastest growing shooting sports in Canada? Let’s take a look.

1. Accessibility

Boy, girl, young, old. When it comes to RPS none of that matters. In fact, some of the largest growing segments of the sport are women and youth. Why? Well, the low cost of entry is definitely one (and we’ll get to that), but it’s rim fire rifles are also easy to use, great to learn on, and are easily customizable. Next to a pellet rifle, rimfire rifles are usually the first firearm acquired by new shooters. Another reason events like CRPS and the X/22 Challenge Series are so accessible is because they are open to all competitor skill levels. This makes their events the perfect place to learn and receive mentorship. It’s not everyday that newbies and veteran shooters get to rub shoulders in a great learning environment. 

2. Low cost of entry

RPS competitions have some of the lowest entry costs in shooting sports. Many other competitive shooting organizations require yearly membership fees, and the bare minimum equipment can cost into the tens of thousands of dollars. This puts many of these competitions out of reach for the average shooter. Canadian competitions like the CRPS have no membership fees, and the competitive equipment won’t break the bank (although you still can if you want). The X/22 Challenge Series takes this to a whole new level, since it is primarily designed for the 10/22-based rifle. Who doesn’t have one of these in their locker? The X/22 Challenge Series also has a class where competitors can use any stock Ruger 10/22 factory rifle, with no allowed modifications except for fit and optics. This means the doors are wide open to almost anyone to compete. Don’t have a 10/22? No problem. They even have loaners you can reserve before the match.

3. They are FUN

You may already think shooting is one of the funnest sports you can do. RPS events take fun to another level. There is nothing like spending the weekend with a ton of other gunnies ringing steel, talkin shop, and having some good ol’ safe fun. The stages are designed to be challenging and the camaraderie that exists between competitors make it the perfect place to test your skills — while always learning new ways to become a better marksman. Ultimately, the CRPS and X/22 Challenge Series are all about growing the sport of shooting with fun and engaging events — that bring new people to the sport and connect those who already love it.

Here at Canada’s Gun Store we are proud to support organizations like the CRPS and the X/22 Challenge Series. For all the reasons listed above, these events and organizations are key to growing the sport of shooting in Canada and keeping it fun and exciting for the future. If you would like to learn more or even compete, visit Canadian Rimfire Precision Series and X/22 Challenge Series.

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Have fun and shoot responsibly!

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