You can’t get to the gun range and your trigger finger’s feeling lonely. Or you feel like aiming and firing in a more relaxed environment. Or maybe you just feel like exchanging friendly-fire with your buddies. There are times when a shooting enthusiast needs to leave the real guns behind and spend an afternoon enjoying a harmless and fun alternative to shooting.

Nerf Blasters

Nothing says ‘armed for a good time’ more than a Nerf Blaster. These colorfully cartoonish rifles are perfect for backyard missions chasing down friends or siblings. The darts can fire up to 27 meters and can be shot one at a time or ‘Slam-Fired’ together by holding the trigger. The darts are propelled at a good speed, so make sure the kids and kids-at-heart wear eye protection.  

Authentic Toy Guns

If you’re looking to practice shooting mechanics at home, try the Colt 1911 Toy Gun. It offers the classic Colt design and size, with authentic action, racking mechanism, magazine, and sound. Great for training or cosplay. For safety purposes, the bullets have glow tips and only travel a few meters with a weak impact.

Laser Tag

Get your group together for a Laser Tag battle. These kits come with laser guns and vests with various firing settings, so participants can enjoy a range of cool sound effects and lights as they register hits. This kit also includes settings that allow you to ‘go dark’ or use the night vision flashlight. Guns are easy to handle for children and lasers operate up to about 45 meters.

Vintage Rifle Toys

For the kid who appreciates retro, a Scout Toy Rifle creates the feel and sounds of an old-fashioned gunfight, only without ammunition. The toy looks realistic and comes with rifle shells that are loaded and ejected. It emits a satisfying and authentic sounding BANG when the trigger is pulled.

Water Guns and Soakers

What better way to combine the pleasures of shooting and summer than with water guns and soakers. From pistols to rifles to guns shaped like a dinosaur, there’s a size and style for everyone. The power of the water jet varies from a light stream to powerful blast to a single cannon blast, so make sure to match the spray with the age of whoever’s playing with it.

These fun ideas will give you and your group a taste of the shooting experience, only in a non-shooting environment and without the need for special safety regulations. Arm yourself with common sense and you’re sure to have a great social time. 

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