Turn range day into game night with these 5 printable targets. 

Challenge your friends and family, practice, test your skills, and bring on the competition with these fun shooting games. 

Every game includes FREE downloadable targets that you can print at home. 


Like the table game with a little more bang. Bullets are the white ball. Hitting a ball sinks it. The first player to sink a ball will then have to continue to sink the same balls (stripes or solids). The first player who sinks all their balls and then the 8 ball wins. If any player sinks the 8 ball before all their balls, the other player wins.

Download:     11×17     8.5×11


The goal of the game is the same as the board game, to sink your opponent’s ships. Take turns shooting in groups (3-5 shots) at each other’s ships.  The first player to sink their opponent’s ships wins.

Download:     11×17     8.5×11


Darts with guns is almost the same as throwing darts. Each player takes turns taking 3 shots. The aim of the game is to be the first player to hit every number on the target in order from 1-20 and then the bullseye.

Download:     11×17     8.5×11


Take turns marking (shooting) X’s and O’s. You must hit your half of the square to claim the whole spot. First player to make a line of three in any direction wins.

Download:     11×17     8.5×11

Race to The Top

Who can make it to the top of the mountain first? Beware, the closer to the top the harder it gets. Pick your lane. On your mark, get set, GO, and climb the mountain by shooting the targets in order from 1-5. First one to the top wins. 

Download:     11×17     8.5×11

Download all the targets HERE
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