You can tell how popular shooting sports and adventures are in Canada by looking at the number of shooting clubs and ranges from coast to coast. 

Shooting ranges

Shooting ranges or gun ranges, indoors or outdoors, are where you can go to practice shooting, whether for training or recreational.

Shooting clubs

Shooting clubs or gun clubs are commonly not-for-profit and member-based communities offering target practice and shooting competitions. and generally go to a designated range to practice shooting together. 

The RCMP reported around 1,400 registered locations in Canada. So far, we have found about one hundred shooting ranges and clubs listed online, and will continue adding to this directory as we discover more.

Check out this Directory of Shooting Ranges & Gun Clubs in Canada for a location near you. 

If we’ve missed anything here, shoot us a line to let us know. Thanks!

Have fun, and shoot responsibly!

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