The New Year is here and we couldn’t be more excited to do what we love doing most: shootin’ some guns! But there’s a lot more to shooting than just fun. There are many ways shooting can enrich your life. With that in mind, here are three reasons to get out and shoot in 2021.

1. Meeting New People

The Canadian shooting community is MASSIVE and there is always room for more people. Whether it be the range, woods, or in the store, you’ll find gunnies down to talk guns… and shoot them! Not only can you meet like-minded people in real life, but the online community has grown with forums and Facebook groups to connect like never before. The supportiveness and generosity of our community is truly amazing.

2. Building Character

In the firearms community, we always aim to be better: safer, more disciplined, more accountable. All traits that build character. Whether we’re shooting for fun, hunting, or competition, we’re always overcoming new challenges and becoming better both physically and mentally. 

3. Learning and Teaching 

There’s far more to shooting than just buying a gun and pulling the trigger. Every moment of shooting a gun is also learning about physics, nature, engineering, safety — and yourself. But it doesn’t stop there. To keep our community thriving and growing, it’s our responsibility to welcome newcomers and continually inform and teach others, both inside and outside of the gunnie world.

So, if it’s been awhile since your last shot or your interest in the sport is just beginning, we hope that you’re inspired to venture out for some shootin’! 

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