Canadians are fantastic shooters, and there are world records to show it!

When it comes to snipers, nobody sets world records like Canadians. Adjusting for distance, wind, the curvature of the Earth, among other factors with precision, the Canadian military is number 1 (and number 3, and number 4) in the world record for sniper accuracy

As for competitive marksmanship with military rifles, nobody touches Canada’s own Sgt. Tatyana Danylyshyn, a member of the Canadian Scottish Regiment, and a veteran of the War in Afghanistan. Using a standard Colt C7, Danylyshyn outshot hundreds of competitors to win in her class at a major annual shooting competition in Bisley, UK, which has been called the “Olympics of military rifle shooting.”

These world records may not come as a surprise for those who know of Canada’s long history of shooting sports and hunting tradition. We can also thank world-class training from rigorous Canadian instructors and coaches, and the superb dedication to practice shared among our shooters.

Well done, Canada!

And remember to have fun, and shoot responsibly!  

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