The holiday season is right around the corner and that means filling up stockings. You could go the predictable route with chocolates, toiletries and socks, but why not make that stocking more exciting and special for the shooters in your life? Here are 5 great stocking stuffers for Canadian shooters.

1. Splatter Targets

While the ancient practice of plinking paper may never become obsolete, today’s shooters can have a lot more fun with reactive targets. Reactive or splatter targets use different colourful layers to instantly mark where your bullet hits. This makes them especially fun for kids, but also extremely handy for shooters without the best eye-sight. Up the fun factor at the range with these colourful and creative targets. 

Reactive splatter targets. Image courtesy of Triumph Systems.

2. Gun cleaning kit

Help the new shooter in your life keep their firearms in tip-top condition. A cleaning kit could literally be one of the most useful gifts you ever give. Shooting guns require cleaning and maintenance. If you’re gifting a shooter’s first cleaning kit, look for something that covers a variety of different calibres, to keep firearms pristine as the collection grows.

Hoppe’s No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit. Image courtesy of Amazon.

3. Extra Magazines

No one wants to be wasting valuable time at the range loading magazines when they could be shooting. Help them out and throw an extra mag or two into that stocking. It’s an affordable and thoughtful way to make sure the fun isn’t interrupted.

Loaded gun magazines. Image courtesy of Lucky Gunner.

4. Maglula Magazine Loader

Is the shooter in your life always complaining about sore thumbs and the amount of time it takes to load mags? A Maglula magazine loader is the answer. Available for rifles and pistols, these loaders come in a variety of colours and make a perfect stocking stuffer (especially paired with extra mags).

Maglula UpLULA Magazine Speed Loader 9mm-.45 ACP. Image courtesy of Big Tex Outdoors.

5. Merch

With so many Canadian ranges and shooting organizations out there, it’s always great to show your support. There’s no better way than purchasing and repping their merch. Whether it be your local range or a national organization like the CNFA or the CCFR, a t-shirt or hat is the perfect stocking stuffer to support the Canadian shooting community.

CCFR merchandise. Image courtesy of Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights Store.

We hope this helps you narrow down some stocking stuffer ideas for your friends and family. A shooter can never have too many accessories and the stocking is the perfect place for them. From all of us at Canada’s Gun Store, we wish you and yours a happy holiday season!

Happy shooting and stay safe!

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