Ahhh….hunting season. It’s our favourite time of year. If you’re reading this, it’s likely yours as well. Along with hunting season, comes hunting gear. We all got a lot of it, but could always use more (despite what the spouse says). So before you head off on that hunting trip, here are five hunting accessories you probably, arguably should have.

  1. Wildlife Research Center Golden Buck Attractant

Get bucks heading your direction with the Golden Buck Deer Attractant from Wildlife Research Center. This collection of premium buck urine (yum!) also contains Tarsal Smell and Territorial Musk additives — to create a challenge-worthy, territorial intrusion scent. This aggression-stimulating smell fires-up territorial bucks, enticing them in to check out their challenger. It works from early in the fall all the way through the rut. Remember to pack your attractant in amber glass bottles, to keep its potency and freshness.

  1. Hunter Specialties 3 Color Camo Compac Makeup Kit

Say goodbye to bulky, hard-to-see-through head nets. The Hunter’s Specialties Camo Compac Camouflage Make-Up Kit (we dare you to say that fast 3 times) features a pocket-size plastic case with a built-in mirror. lt promises not to run, dry, crack, or come off from rain or perspiration, but  comes off easily with soap and water. Your kit includes leaf green, flat black, and mud brown camo colours.

  1. Uncle Mike’s Kodra Buttstock Rifle Shell Holder with Flap

With the Uncle Mike’s Kodra Buttstock Rifle Shell Holder quickly accesses extra cartridges while protecting them from weather and snagging. This shell holder features a flap that folds up from bottom and is secured by Velcro. Easy to install. The elastic sleeve slips over the stock of the rifle. Holds 6 cartridges. Made from rugged Kodra nylon.

  1. No. 789 Watertight First Aid Kit

The Watertight First Aid Kit features 16 essential items and over 85 pieces in total. It’s rugged, watertight, and buoyant. Definitely a piece of gear you arguably should have, if you plan to hunt by boat.

  1. SportDog Deluxe Dog Beeper

Make sure to come home with your catch and your dog with the SportDog Deluxe Dog Beeper. The DSL-400 Deluxe Beeper locator gives you maximum flexibility, along with a high and low volume option, three settings for beep duration, and four different tones. The hunting beeper collar uses a 3-volt lithium battery that provides 60-100 hours of on-time. Plus this “run mode” beeper doesn’t require a remote to use. Simply slip it on your dog and set it to silent, 5-second, or 10-second beep.

Eager to head out, but looking to gear-up? At Canada’s Gun Store, we sell more than just guns. Visit us for all of your hunting needs. Best of luck this hunting season!

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