If there’s one thing all the guns in our 6 Cool Guns You CAN’T Buy article have in common it’s that they’re all straight out of the future. But what about real guns that could be straight out of the future? Well they may not shoot laser beams, but here are 5 future-forward guns you can buy today. 

1. Chiappa Rhino

Chiappa, the Italian designer and manufacturer states on their website that the Rhino has an “unconventional” appearance. To us, it looks like a pistol right out of a futuristic post-apocalyptic movie. Aside from its striking appearance, there’s something else that actually makes this gun futuristic: it fires from the bottom cylinder rather than the top. According to the manufacturer, this drastically reduces muzzle rise as it recoils straight back into your hand (instead of jolting upwards).

Chiappa Rhino 60DS .357 magnum. Image courtesy of Reddit.

2. KRISS Vector

The KRISS Vector is a series of firearms from KRISS USA. These proudly American submachine guns use an unconventional delayed blowback system, combined with in-line design, to reduce recoil and muzzle climb. Their highly aesthetic design makes them instantly recognizable and stand out for their futuristic look and feel. If you’ve never heard one of these engineering marvels empty a mag on full auto, watch this video and set your sound to full blast. 

KRISS Vector GEN II SBR FDE. Image courtesy of Helvetia Defense.
Shooting the Kriss SMG. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

3. USFA ZiP Pistol

The USFA ZiP .22 looked like no other pistol to ever exist on the market. But it was so good at being bad that it actually caused the demise of the USFA corporation in 2017. Originally introduced in 2013, and praised for its futuristic concept, a large number of users reported mechanical malfunctions and failures. 

USFA Zip Gun .22 LR. Image courtesy of The Firearm Blog.

4. Steyr Air Pistol

It may only be a pellet gun, but the Steyr line of air pistols look like something right out of the gun safe of the Millennium Falcon. The design of the Steyr evo 10 E is not only futuristic, but it’s also advanced in using an infinitely adjustable electronic precision ball bearing trigger. This allows for minimal movement during the shot release and no movement at the trigger take-up. Indeed, subtlety is important when you’re shooting at a bullseye the size of the period at the end of this sentence.

Steyr Air Pistol mod. EVO 10 (E). Image courtesy of Shooting Equipment.

5. Armatix iP1

Designed and manufactured by the German company Armatix, the iP1 isn’t unlike any other standard pistol. But it looks like something from the future and uses “smart gun” technology. The pistol uses RFID tech connected to a high-tech watch, empowering only the wearer to fire.  

Armatix iP1 Personalized pistol. Image courtesy of Fortune.

The fact that these guns of tomorrow actually exist today is a testament to some of our most creative-minded engineers and gunsmiths. Not only are they pushing the boundaries of firearm technology, but they’re also inspiring us with the “cool” appeal of futuristic design. A huge thumbs up to thrusting the firearms community into the future!

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Have fun and shoot responsibly!

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