When it comes to hunting, the ability to hide in plain sight can mean the difference between success and failure. Visually blending into your surroundings is a great start, but the best camo hides sight, sound, and scent. Here are the three S’s you should keep in mind when selecting the perfect camo.


Hunters have been trying to conceal themselves from sharp-eyed animals for as long as hunting has been around. What started as wearing animal hides, mud and foliage turned into a blend of materials and colours; all meant to help us get closer to our prey.

In the late 70s, the Trebark pattern was introduced. Since then, the market has been flooded with new designs. Two of the most popular, Realtree and Mossy Oak, have become synonymous with hunting in North America, covering every piece of clothing and gear a hunter may have.


When picking the best camo to visually conceal yourself, ensure you choose the correct pattern for your hunting environment. Some patterns perform better in thick forests, while others perform better in tall open grass. The better the camo pattern matches your surroundings, the more effective it will be. 


Sound is more likely to give you away before you even need to rely on the visual concealment aspects of your camo. It’s bad enough when you step on that twig, and it spooks an animal. Even worse when it’s the sound of your camo rubbing together that gives you away.


When picking out camo, rub the material against itself and other items to see how much sound it makes. Anything that sounds like a pair of snow pants rubbing together as you walk will give you away. The best camo stays silent when in contact with itself and other items.


Often overlooked scent is another thing that can give you away before you need to rely on the visual concealment of your camo. Wild animals use their sense of smell more than any other to keep them safe.


Most high-performance modern camo has scent-blocking technology built into it to help conceal your smell. If your camo doesn’t have this tech, there are other scent-blocking products that you can use to hide your scent.

Extra: Electrical Energy

Feel like concealing your sight, sound, and scent isn’t enough? Maybe you are a bowhunter? The newest tech and next camo layer are covering your electrical energy. 

Companies like HECS say their technology conceals electrical energy from animals’ “Sixth sense.” What do you think?

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