For those interested in something more rigorous and adventurous than paper target shooting, consider tactical shooting sports, and get yourself trained by tactical officers, some from the police or armed forces. 

Whether you seek tactical training for your own personal protection, for the requirements of your job, or simply for the combat thrill, this is one of the most fun and challenging forms of shooting sports today. 

Much more than the basic training such as firearm safety courses, tactical training is highly demanding. It requires significantly more experience.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of licensed places throughout Canada to get training and experience the thrill of this adventurous sport. We will continue adding more listings to this directory as we discover them.

Check out the Directory of Tactical Training Courses & Programs in Canada for a location near you. 

If we’ve missed anything here, shoot us a line to let us know. Thanks!

Have fun, and shoot responsibly!

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