Shooting ranges worldwide offer diverse experiences, from state-of-the-art urban facilities to serene outdoor settings. Each range has its own charm and challenges, designed to cater to enthusiasts of all levels. Here’s a glimpse into five of the world’s most unique and cool shooting ranges, each bringing something special to the marksmanship community.

Brünnlisau Shooting Range – Precision Amidst Swiss Ingenuity

Located about two hours from Zurich, the Brünnlisau Shooting Range offers a unique twist on the traditional shooting experience. What sets this Swiss range apart is not just its stunning alpine backdrop but its incredibly unique setup: shooters fire their rifles over a busy major highway. Thanks to a strategically placed high wall and the range’s elevated position, bullets travel above the road with no possible trajectory to hit vehicles. If you ever find yourself in Switzerland, the Brünnlisau Shooting Range is a landmark for shooters seeking a unique experience.

XCAL Shooting Sports and Fitness – A $30 Million Luxury Shooting and Fitness Facility

XCAL Shooting Sports and Fitness in Virginia, USA, is a groundbreaking facility that marries the worlds of shooting sports and physical fitness into a luxurious 95,000-square-foot space. Costing over $30 million to build, XCAL boasts a state-of-the-art shooting range complete with tactical, luxury, and private bays alongside a top-tier fitness center equipped with advanced neuromuscular training machines. This facility is designed for shooting enthusiasts and those who value fitness and well-being, offering a lavish environment where two major passions converge seamlessly.

The Tunnel – The UK’s Premier Shooting Centre

Located in Dorset, The Tunnel is an exceptional facility built within a converted road tunnel. It offers a range of world-class rifle shooting opportunities, from small-bore ranges to a 100-meter full-bore range that accommodates all calibres up to .50 BMG. The centre also includes state-of-the-art training rooms and even on-site glamping pods, providing a comprehensive shooting environment. The unique underground setting allows for controlled conditions, making it ideal for both professional training and private enthusiasts looking to hone their skills.

MSZU Müller Schiesszentrum Ulm – An Enormous Indoor Clay Shooting Range

MSZU Müller Schiesszentrum Ulm, one of Germany’s most advanced shooting facilities, is remarkable for its technology and immense indoor clay shooting range. This vast, airplane-hanger-sized facility allows for various clay shooting disciplines under one roof, offering a weather-independent shooting experience. Shooters can engage in everything from skeet and trap to more complex Olympic disciplines, all in a controlled indoor environment. This unique setting is perfect for both casual shooters and competitive athletes looking to train without the constraints of outdoor conditions.

The Collector’s Private Indoor Home Gun Range – A Personal Masterpiece

“The Collector,” a passionate gun enthusiast, has created a private shooting haven in his basement, investing around $400,000 to build a state-of-the-art 30-yard range. Designed to accommodate all types of shooting and with advanced retrieval systems and touchscreen controls, this range features bulletproof panels, AR500 steel throughout, and an automated target system that can rotate 360 degrees. Soundproofing measures ensure minimal disturbance above ground, making this custom-built range a perfect blend of convenience and technology, reflecting a deep passion for shooting sports within the comfort of home.

Each of these shooting ranges offers a distinctive experience, reflecting the diversity and global passion for shooting sports. Whether it’s the historical allure, cutting-edge technology, or integration with physical training, these ranges provide environments where shooters can develop their skills and enjoy their passion for firearms in innovative and exciting ways.

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