As avid gun lovers and hunters based in the Great White North, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy nature. Sasquatch hunting is one unique activity that presents some tantalizing possibilities — but also raises a few eyebrows! Let’s pause and consider what might happen if Sasquatch hunting was legal in Canada.

Sasquatches, or Bigfoots, have been a source of fascination for centuries. And even though every biologist doubts their existence, except for the odd cryptozoologist on the History Channel, some people swear they’ve seen them. 

This article explores this idea and looks at the potential implications, regulations, and pros/cons of Sasquatch hunting. Let’s dive into this intriguing topic! 

First, some Canadian Sasquatch history.

How Did The Legend Start?

Sasquatch Canada Postage Stamp from 1990
Sasquatch Canada Postage Stamp from 1990

The earliest mention of a Sasquatch comes from legends told by the First Nations of Canada’s Pacific Northwest. They tell stories of a mysterious, ape-like creature that lives deep in the forests and mountains. These creatures are said to be incredibly strong and able to move quickly through dense woods without making a sound. While these tales may seem like mere fantasy, they have continued to fuel speculation about the existence of an unknown species in Canada. 

The first recorded sighting of Bigfoot in Canada dates back to the late 1800’s, when fur traders reported seeing an ape-like creature near what is now British Columbia. The fur traders noted that the creature was covered with long hair and had an odour like a skunk or bear. This sighting sparked interest in finding the mysterious beast, and soon, more sightings were reported from across Canada. 

A still-frame of the Patterson-Gimlin film, alleged to depict a female Bigfoot
A still-frame of the Patterson-Gimlin film, alleged to depict a female Bigfoot

In 1967, the now iconic film footage taken by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin purported to show an upright walking female Sasquatch in Northern California, leading many people to believe that these creatures could exist beyond just folklore. This led to an increase in sightings not just in Canada but around the world as well. Many sightings have been reported throughout North America, leading some to believe that there are multiple species of Bigfoot.

Into the Wild

Hunters on a mountain looking for a Sasquatch

With the environment at the top of the public’s minds these days, the first thing we will consider if Canada legalized Sasquatch hunting is the potential environmental implications. Sightings of Sasquatches have been reported in numerous locations across Canada. The one common factor all these locations have in common is that they are all remote areas of wilderness.

If an influx of Sasquatch sightings suddenly drew swaths of hunters and the curious public to these remote areas, would it have an environmental impact? It’s possible. With no infrastructure and increased human traffic, these sensitive remote habitats could easily be disrupted and destroyed. The simple solution could limit the number of hunters allowed to be hunting in these areas to prevent habitat loss and create minimal disruption. However, this wouldn’t stop the Sasquatch seeking general public from searching for the animal and increasing human traffic even more.

The Inventor of Social Distancing

Sasquatch social distancing cartoon
Cartoon by Tom Stiglich – MediaNews Group/Creators Syndicate

Sasquatches have been described as being shy and reclusive creatures, to the point they are never seen. Due to this behaviour, it is essential to consider how they might react when faced with an influx of people searching for them. Putting hunting pressure on these species could stress them, causing malnutrition and perhaps the inability to carry offspring.

The Rule, Regs and Ethics of Sasquatch Hunting

Other issues related to Sasquatch hunting involve ethical consideratons. For example, it’s unclear whether Sasquatches could even be legally hunted as they are not currently considered a species under Canadian law. This is because there is no scientific evidence proving that they exist. Does this mean that Sasquatch hunters would be subject to the same regulations? It’s hard to say.

Like any big game hunting in Canada, licensing and permit requirements would need to be implemented to minimize the potential impacts of Sasquatch hunting. Potential regulations are hard to determine because of our limited knowledge of the creatures. With unknowns like their breeding season or how long they live, most of the rules would be a shot in the dark at the beginning. Additionally, size and bag limits on Sasquatches hunted would need to be put into place to preserve the species. 

A potential political roadblock to Sasaquacth hunting is who would have jurisdiction. Would this fall under the purview of federal, provincial, or municipal governments? Currently, the provinces manage most of their hunting regulations except for federally regulated migratory birds. This would have to be one of the first things to decide if Sasquatch hunting was legalized in Canada.

What Would Be Allowed? 

Book cover of the Sasquatch hunter's almanac
The Sasquatch Hunter’s Almanac by Shields, Sharma

The rules and regulations surrounding the hunt would have to be determined by the government before any hunting could begin. For example, would hunters be allowed to use firearms and bows? Could hunters use traps or only pursue free-roaming animals? Would there be limits on bag size or sex of animal hunted? These questions need to be answered before any hunting season can begin. 

The Pros of Sasquatch Hunting 

A big benefit of Sasquatch hunting includes the potential for Sasquatches to become an identified species in Canada, which could bring about greater public awareness, potentially leading to more scientific research into their behaviour, biology, culture, etc.

Economic Impact 

There is also the potential economic impact of opening a Sasquatch hunting season in Canada. Hunters from all over the world would flock to Canada in hopes of getting a chance to hunt one of these legendary creatures. This influx of tourists could boost local economies, especially those in remote regions where Sasquatches are said to roam. 

Then there are the commercial benefits as well. Think about it – if Sasquatch hunting officially became popular, companies may produce specialized hunting gear for tracking, calling, and processing them. Additionally, you know there would be some good-looking custom Sasquatch hunting builds on Instagram and Youtube.

The Cons of Sasquatch Hunting 

On the other hand, some have argued that opening up Sasquatch hunting would be irresponsible due to the animal’s possible status as an endangered species (if they are real). After all, how many sasquatches are there out there in the wild? We don’t know! Even if a substantial population lived in Canada’s forests, allowing people to hunt them runs the risk of decimating their numbers in a very short period. Furthermore, Sasquatches may not even exist – so encouraging people to pursue something that may be a myth is a bit problematic too! 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Sasquatch hunting in Canada could have both positive and negative implications. On the one hand, it could provide an additional source of income for the government and hunting industry, increase public awareness, produce valuable scientific research, and even establish Sasquatches as a recognized and potentially, endangered species in Canada. On the other hand, Sasquatch hunting also brings a host of ethical considerations and potential environmental impacts. As such, like hunting every other species in Canada, there must be regulations to ensure that Sasquatch hunters adhere to strict safety guidelines and ethical hunting practices to keep the species and our environment thriving.

What do you think? Should Canada make Sasquatch hunting legal? Let us know in the comments!


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