Oh, Canada! Land of the polite, home of the… gun owners? Yes, you read that right. In the true North, we’re not just about hockey, maple syrup, and saying “sorry” a bit too much. We also have a vibrant community of gun owners who, contrary to popular belief, aren’t just a bunch of cold-weather cowboys. So, let’s debunk some myths about Canadian gun owners with a healthy dose of facts and, of course, that Canadian humour we’re so famous for.

Myth 1: “All Canadians Are Too Polite to Own Guns”

Sorry, not sorry, but politeness doesn’t preclude responsible gun ownership. In fact, with over 2.2 million licensed gun owners as of December 2022, it seems like a fair chunk of us are saying “please” and “thank you” at the gun range. And with women joining the ranks faster than ever before, our gun community is more diverse and courteous than you might think. So, next time you imagine a Canadian gun owner, picture someone who’s just as likely to hold the door open for you as they are to hit a bullseye.

Myth 2: “It’s the Wild North Up There, Eh?”

While we love our wilderness, Canadian gun ownership is anything but wild. Strict regulations ensure that gun owners are licensed, trained, and undergo continuous background checks. Yes, you heard that right—continuous. That means every day, not just on the days when we remember to be extra polite. So, despite what you might think, we’re not living in a scene from a classic Western; we’re just enjoying our outdoor sports and traditions, all within the bounds of the law.

Myth 3: “Canadians Only Own Guns for Hunting Moose”

Sure, we have our fair share of moose, but the reasons Canadians own guns are as varied as our landscape. From sport shooting to collecting and even hunting (not just moose, mind you), there’s a wide range of interests within the Canadian gun-owning community. And with the rise of tactical shooting sports, Canadians are proving they have a passion for precision and competition that goes beyond the hunting blind.

Myth 4: “Canadian Gun Owners Are a Quiet Bunch”

Well, we might apologize if we bump into you at the range, but don’t mistake our politeness for silence. Canadian gun owners are active advocates for their rights, passionate about education, and involved in their communities. From participating in conservation efforts to supporting local charities, gun owners across Canada are making their voices heard, all while being respectful and, yes, polite.

Myth 5: “You’d Never Find an Educated Debate About Guns in Canada”

Oh, but you would! Canadian gun owners are among the most informed and engaged citizens you’ll meet. With a strong emphasis on safety, education, and responsible ownership, the community is always ready to engage in meaningful conversations. Whether it’s discussing the latest regulations or swapping tips on the best ways to secure firearms, Canadians approach the topic with a level of civility and insight that might just surprise you.

The True North Strong and… Responsible

So, there you have it—a glimpse into the world of Canadian gun ownership that defies stereotypes and embraces the values we hold dear: responsibility, community, and, of course, a good sense of humour. Whether we’re at the range perfecting our shot or in the great outdoors enjoying our heritage sports, Canadian gun owners are a testament to the fact that you can be both polite and passionate about your rights and hobbies.

And to those still harbouring doubts, we extend a warm Canadian invitation to learn more, engage in conversation, and share a laugh or two. After all, we’re not just about saying “sorry”—we’re about showing the world what responsible gun ownership looks like, one polite conversation at a time.

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