They’re not for everyone, but virtual shooting offers some cool features you can’t get elsewhere.

If you’re looking for a shooting experience that feels authentic, only with less noise and fewer regulations, check out the advantages of a virtual gun range.

Virtual shooting is…

First of all, virtual shooting isn’t laser-tag. Virtual shooting ranges use real pistols and rifles – or accurate replicas – with their firing mechanisms converted to lasers instead of bullets. The look and feel remain authentic, with everything from the weight to the recoil re-creating the experience of real shooting. Except without any of the usual safety risks. There are absolutely no bullets, no smoke or chemical residues, and no dangers. In fact, no live ammunition is permitted anywhere on the premises of a virtual shooting range.

From elite snipers to you

Virtual gun ranges were originally developed as a safe, efficient way to train military and law enforcement personnel. Technology’s ability to simulate real-life gunfire conditions has made it a valuable part of the mental & physical conditioning of many elite professionals.

And thanks to its safety and low costs, virtual gun ranges have become an exciting activity for the public to enjoy, as well as a place where shooting enthusiasts can practice.

The bonuses of virtual

Okay, so virtual shooting is a safe and inexpensive way to fire a gun, but does it offer features that aren’t found at traditional shooting ranges? Yes!

Virtual technology allows you to pit your shooting skills against sharks, zombies, foreign armies, and dozens of other threats that are moving, dodging and attacking. It’s high-def gaming combined with the physicality of firing a real gun, bringing you as close as you’d ever want to be to the real thing. A virtual range is the only environment that allows you to follow and fire at moving targets in a variety of simulated real-life settings.

Because digital sensors are embedded in the guns and targets, you receive precise results allowing you to track your progress each time you visit. Measure your sharpshooting, shoot from different distances, test your reaction times. Laser sensors let you analyze your skill and pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

A virtual gun range is also a great social outing that can be shared with friends, family, and work colleagues. It’s an original idea for a birthday party, an exciting event for a bachelor or bachelorette party, an unforgettable team-building exercise, or just a night out with your buddies. The price tag is surprisingly affordable and being within a safe virtual environment allows your group to stick together.

Virtual shooting simulators are also available for purchase, or mobile simulators are available for rent that will come to your home.

Yes, but…

Even though a virtual gun range provides an experience that’s close to authentic, there are compromises. The choice of guns is limited and, obviously, you can’t bring your own. FYI, the recoil when firing a virtual gun is approximately 65% of what you’d feel with a real one. Of course, there’s no satisfying ‘ping’ when the bullet hits the target. 

Lots of choices, no risk

Whether at a virtual range or at home; whether you’re soloing or with friends; whether you’re a first-time shooter or a pro, virtual shooting is a safe and inexpensive way to hone your shooting skill. There’s no discharge, so nothing to clean up afterwards. Everything is supplied, from the gun to your choice of scenarios, to the moving targets. All you need to pack is a sense of excitement and your trigger finger.

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