If there is anything we know about hunters, it’s that they love animals. And, although society sometimes paints hunters as cold-blooded killers, anyone who has spent time around a hunter knows when it comes to animals, they are some of the kindest and most compassionate people out there. 

That’s why the hunters in these stories immediately hopped into action when they saw an animal in need. Here are three times hunters became an animal best friend.

Incredible Bull Elk Rescued From Certain Death

Our first story comes from Dana and Daniel, two brave outdoorsmen from the Fatal Impact Outdoors Youtube channel who got an incredible surprise when they set out to chase elk. After spotting some antlers from a hilltop, the two moved in to get a closer look. Surprisingly, they found a juvenile bull stuck in mud up to its neck.

With the elk looking exhausted, hyperthermic, and hopeless, it was time for action! With equal parts courage & resourcefulness, these heroes first tried using a log as leverage, but unfortunately, that didn’t do enough.

Risking being gorged, the intrepid duo then managed to get a rope around the bull’s antlers and began pulling.

With determination, they combined their efforts, with one pulling on the rope and the other using the log. Giving everything they had, they finally freed the young bull.

The elk, shaken and battered, stood momentarily before running off unscathed! Thanks to the duo’s tireless work, this young bull can live another day to roam in the wild! We applaud their bravery & determination!

See the full video HERE.

Hunters Save Deer Caught In A Barbwire Fence

While out bird hunting in Kansas, two hunters stumbled across a deer that had caught its foot in a barbed wire fence. Appearing it may have already died, the hunters and dog decided to look closer.

To their and the dogs’ surprise, the deer was still alive.

After taking a brief moment to figure out how to free the deer, the hunters cut the fence with a pair of plyers releasing the deer. And like a true whitetail took off, tail in the air.

Thanks to these hunters and their quick thinking and actions!

See the full video HERE.

Two Giant Whitetails With Locked Antlers

While driving trails checking traps in South Texas, two hunters from The Management Advantage Youtube channel stumbled across two bucks with their antlers locked together. Not something unheard of, but this situation was unique because they were also tangled in a barbed wire fence, and coyotes had already killed and eaten one of the deer.

Not wanting the living buck to suffer the same fate, the hunters hopped into action to free him. Luckily one of the hunters had a saw that they used to cut the antlers.

They cut the live deer’s antlers to free him from carrying the other set and getting hung up on something else. The hardened antlers have no nerves or blood flowing through them. Once cut and after a slight moment of hesitation, the deer was free!

In the end, it worked out in the deer’s favour that they had gotten tangled up in the fence, allowing the deer to stay in one position to free the living one. It also gave the hunters the perfect place to set up their traps to catch the coyotes that ate the other one.

See the full video HERE.

We thank these heroes for their selfless acts of compassion and courage to help save these animals’ lives. This kind of love and respect for animals is what makes hunters a special group of people.

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