At one point in time, hunting was essential to our health. And that’s because if we didn’t hunt, we didn’t eat; and if we didn’t eat, we eventually became food for something else. The modern world may have changed that, but it didn’t change one thing: hunting is good for you. Here are three reasons hunting is good for your health:

Physical Health

The modern world does us no favours regarding our physical health. We sit at a desk, in cars, and at home. Leave it to a tradition as deep as our species to be something that helps improve our physical health. It comes as no surprise that breathing unpolluted natural air, hiking for hours, or dragging that fresh harvest out of the woods, all improve our physical health. 

It’s not surprising how physically fit our ancestors were when they actively had to hunt almost every day.

Mental Health

Numerous scientific studies have found communing with nature to be highly beneficial to our mental health. The hours upon hours spent exploring the woods while hunting can improve your mood, help you feel more relaxed, and reduce feelings of stress and anger.

On top of the mental benefits of being in nature, hunting can improve our mental health by helping us learn to be more resilient, have more confidence, and improve our self-esteem. Hunting isn’t easy. The trials and tribulations of hunting only serve to build better character and mental fortitude.

Nutritional Health

It can be hard to find truly raw and organic food in a world full of isles of processed foods, meat full of steroids or antibiotics, and GMO fruits and vegetables. Hunting can help improve our nutritional health by feeding you and your family the most organic, free-range meat and forage. There is only one way to get this level of organic food – get out in the woods and get it yourself.

Aside from the health benefits, what do you love about hunting?

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