Rimfire precision shooting competitions, like the new X/22 Challenge Series are an exciting way to see how your shooting stacks up, learn new skills, and meet some of the coolest Canadians around. Canada’s Gun Store is proud to be the national sponsor of this year’s series, in partnership with the Canadian Rimfire Precision Series.

Whether you’re a hobby shooter, a hunter or a seasoned competitor, you won’t want to miss this year’s multi-disciplinary challenge. You can scope out the X/22 Challenge Series and register here.

If this is your first time competing, you may be wondering what to bring. Some shooters bring a truckload of gear. But CRPS staffer, Matt Format, has pared it down to the eight basic essentials you can’t compete without. You can watch the full video for more pro tips and product recommendations, but here’s an overview of his eight main bullet points:

1. Bring your best

The X/22 Challenge Series was designed for the 10/22-based rifle, but it’s open to all competitors. It’s a great gun and one of the most affordable to own. For other CRPS matches, any magazine-fed 22 LR rimfire rifle will do the trick. Whatever you use, the same rifle has to be deployed for all stages of the match. No switching. No sharing.

Escort 22LR: Affordable, Magazine-Fed, Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifle. Image courtesy of PDW.

2. Stock up

When it comes to ammo and magazines, bring backups. Bring two for a match: one 10-rounder and a backup for faster reloading per stage. How much ammo should you bring? 225-275 rounds for the one-day course and 450-550 for the Regional Championships should keep you shooting all tournament long.

3. Flag for safety

This year, using a chamber flag will be mandatory to ensure all rifles are in a safe position. The CRPS will provide them if you don’t own one, but it’s much better to get used to using it beforehand.

Accu-Tech Chamber Safety Flag. Image courtesy of Bronco’s Outdoor.

4. Get in sight

There are no restrictions on optics or sights, but choose a scope with good magnification and reliable turrets, so you can easily dial in the elevation for different distances.

5. Don’t get benched

A new rule change this year is that the bench rest-style bipod won’t be allowed, so bring a basic hunting-style bipod for prone stages and barricades.

6. Grab a bag

A shooting bag – or just an old sock filled with sand. Great for off-barricade shooting and good for rear support too!

Caldwell Deadshot Unfilled Boxed Front and Rear Bag Combo. Image courtesy of Caldwell.

7. Tape it up

You can use a fancy, plastic DOPE card holder that mounts onto your scope, or go full on Red-Green Show and just write your drop data on some masking or painters’ tape around your arm. Canadian innovation at its finest.

8. Cover your ears

An Electronic Ear Pro protects your ears while still letting you hear your mates, and those vital instructions from the range officer.

Pro-Ears Slim Gold Shooting Hearing Protection Headsets. Image courtesy of GunCases.

At CGS, our aim is to help promote and advance the competitive sport of shooting. Canadians are among the best shooters in the world. And we’re NOT sorry!

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