Creative gift ideas for the dad who appreciates shooting

The perfect gift for Father’s Day is surprisingly easy to get and, best of all, it’s free. Unfortunately, we don’t know where to buy a nap. Instead, we’ve got some creative suggestions for gun-themed gifts that are fun, affordable, and guaranteed to make dad smile.

12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Coasters: Guns are great for protection, so how about a gift that’s great at protecting dad’s table from condensation. The set includes 4 polyresin stone coasters and a coaster holder.

12 gauge shootgun shell casing ammo coaster set. Image courtesy of Walmart.

Shot Glasses (hand-blown): Somebody with a sense of humour decided to make Whiskey shot glasses with a bullet embedded in the side. Get it? It’s a ‘shot’ glass! These hand-blown glasses are typically sold individually, sometimes in a set of two. Not only is it a perfect gift combo with the shotgun coasters, it’s a great conversation starter since the dad-jokes write themselves.

.308 real bullet hand-blown shot glass. Image courtesy of Lucky Shot.

Gun Safe: Before you can lock & load, you need to lock. Gun safes offer security in a tasteful package, plus it’s the law in Canada. Depending on dad’s usage and your budget, you can choose a safe that houses multiple rifles or a single pistol.

Liberty Lincoln 50 home storage safe. Image courtesy of

Handgun Ice Tray: It’s an ice tray. Except the cubes are in the shape of guns.

Fred Freeze! Handgun Ice Tray. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Gun Poster: A visual history of firearms. 108 illustrations depicting the evolution of firearms from the 15th century to the present. A fascinating and attractive conversation piece.

A visual history of firearms. Image courtesy of Kickstarter (Alex Fernbach).

Shooting Vest: If he doesn’t have one, he needs one. A lightweight shooting vest’s many pockets are perfect for storing shells, magazines, keys, phone, and all the other stuff you bring to the range.

Competition shooting vests. Image courtesy of Blaser.

Ear protection: Protect dad’s hearing with a range of earmuff style headsets with a variety of cool features. Tune out specific frequencies, communicate with omni-directional microphones, even get Bluetooth technology to stream music or make calls.

Shooting Ear protection. Image courtesy of Pew Pew Tactical.

Order your gifts today to ensure they arrive by Father’s Day and remember that dad will appreciate whatever item you buy, especially if you leave him time for that afternoon nap!

Stay safe and happy shooting!

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