Up here in the Great White North we are blessed with an abundance of resources. Both natural and of the firearm variety. As with all resources, gathering them is one of the hardest parts, so we’ve put a few together for you.

Canadian Firearm Safety Courses

Find an Instructor (RCMP)

Canadian Firearms Safety Course Student Handbook

Online Course (Silvercore)

CFSC Practice Test

Canadian Competition & Sport Shooting Organizations

Canadian Rimfire Precision Series (CRPS)

International Practical Shooting Confederation Canada (IPSC)

Shooting Federation of Canada (SFC)

International Defensive Pistol Association Canada (IDPA)

Canadian Firearms Rights Organizations

Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights (CCFR)

National Firearms Association (NFA)

Shadow of Arms Canada

Canadian Firearms Content



Runkle of the Bailey

Canadian Shooting Ranges & Gun Clubs

Canadian Shooting Sports Gun Clubs Listings

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