Out of ideas? Here are some creative shooting-themed gifts available within budget and on time!

Deciding what to buy that special mother on that special day can reduce the best of us to a puddle of anxiety. What to get when flowers won’t cut it, shopping for jewelry makes your blood pressure spike, and time is running out? If she’s into shooting, you’re in luck. Here are some handy gift ideas for mother gunnies that are guaranteed to score you major points.


Is your favourite gun flavour dark, milk, or white? Turns out they can make gun-shaped anything, including chocolate. Unwrapping a box of delicious bullets or a chocolate model pistol will make her heart melt, maybe even enough to share with you.

Chocolate ammo tin. Image courtesy of ChocolateAmmo.com.

Ear Protection

What’s more gallant than keeping the mother in your life safe? Protect her hearing with a range of earmuff style headsets with a variety of cool features. Tune out specific frequencies, communicate with omni-directional microphones, even get Bluetooth technology to stream music or make calls.

Crystal sparkle earmuffs. Image courtesy of Pack’n Heat Products.


If she’s into the culture and history of shooting, get her a cool shooting-themed item designed to be mounted or displayed. Paintings and prints, pop photography and plaques, statuettes, military replicas, coffee table books and more.

Zoe Mozert original poster artwork of Jane Russell for ‘The Outlaw’ . Image courtesy of Profiles in History.

Range Bag

The ultimate accessory to pack equipment and personal items. Whether she prefers a bag or backpack, range bags come in many smart and attractive styles. FYI, it’ll take a little research if you’re looking for colour options beyond black and brown.

Deluxe ladies range bags. Image courtesy of The Well Armed Woman.


We know we said you can avoid jewelry, but guess what? Gun earrings and necklaces are an actual thing. For casual gifts there’s no shortage of gun-themed t-shirts, socks and tops, as well as bullet-shaped pens, mugs, and thermoses. You can even get gun-shaped cologne bottles (they’re empty so you fill them with actual cologne).

Beretta gun necklace 925. Image courtesy of Giorre

Nerf Blasters & Guns

Gifts are allowed to be fun. In fact, if the mom in your life enjoys shooting, Nerf blasters are the family-friendly gift you can enjoy together…In your house!

Nerf Rebelle bliss blaster. Image courtesy of Nerf.

Finally, remember that whatever item you buy won’t be as important as the message behind it. She’ll appreciate the gift, but she’ll keep your card forever!

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