Is Joe Rogan good for the hunting community? We sure think he is. Since launching The Joe Rogan Experience, he has become one of the most infamous podcast hosts in the world and draws in hundreds of millions of views. Joe uses his podcast to dissect almost any topic. And hunting is something he isn’t scared to talk about. In fact, he loves talking about it. A dedicated hunter himself, Joe has opened the door for many great hunters to share their lifestyle and stories to the masses. And most importantly, without bias. 

Whether you’re a dedicated hunter or simply have an interest in the sport, there’s definitely a Joe Rogan Experience episode you’ll love. Here’s a look (in no particular order) at the five best hunting guests who’ve made an appearance on the podcast.

  1. Steven Rinella

A JRE veteran with eight appearances (and counting), Steven Rinella is a popular outdoorsman, writer, and conservationist best known for his show MeatEater. A naturally skilled storyteller, Steve shares his experiences about animal encounters, hunting regulations, and hunting abroad. His discussions with Joe are truly a blast. One of Steven’s most memorable stories on the show: his closest encounter with a grizzly bear.

  1. Cameron Hanes

Another JRE veteran with seven appearances, Cameron Hanes is a professional bowhunter and ultra marathon runner. He also happens to be good friends with Joe Rogan. On the show, the two regularly share their love for hunting and talk about everything from archery to training, the importance of meat and even the futility of veganism.

  1. Adam Greentree

A podcaster himself, Adam Greentree is an Australian hunter and entrepreneur. Adam loves to share stories of his near death experiences (he’s got a lot of them) and everything else related to hunting and the outdoors. One of our favourite moments was when he explained how the outdoors makes you a better person. We couldn’t agree with you more, Adam!

  1. John Dudley

Widely regarded as one of the best professional archers in the world, John Dudley left the competitive world for one simple reason: the competitions interfered with hunting season. We most definitely respect that. On the show, John and Joe regularly chat about their mutual love for archery hunting. John is never short on crazy stories from the woods, especially the time he accidentally wandered into a wolf’s den!

  1. Remi Warren

Remi Warren is hardcore, to say the least. Not many hunters are willing to travel further and deeper into the woods in the harshest of conditions. But Remi braves it all alone. He’s also one of the few people out there who’ve survived a grizzly bear attack. There’s no shortage of good stories when Remi is on the show.

“Hunting royalty” is all we have to say. Thanks to Joe and his podcast for giving these hunting legends the time and space to share their stories with the masses. It’s truly a good thing for the hunting community. And we’re grateful for that.

What’s your favourite hunting story? Let us know in the comments below.

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