If you’re a Canadian who enjoys shooting, hunting, or just plain old gunnying around with firearms – then there’s no doubt that you have shot a .22. It has some fantastic features that make it one of our favourite guns around. From exceptional accuracy and minimal recoil to easy maintenance and availability – here are 22 reasons why we love 22s! Let’s begin the countdown…

First, a short history lesson

This round is no rookie! A true veteran in the cartridge game, the .22 Long Rifle (LR) was first released by J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company in 1887. Created by combining two earlier cartridges – the .22 BB Cap and the .22 Short – resulting in a longer cartridge with a higher muzzle velocity and improved performance: basically, it made all of those other .22 rounds obsolete!

22 Reasons to love 22’s

1. They are awesome

Plinking, competition, pest control, hunting. Doing anything with a .22 will not disappoint because they are awesome.

2. Easy on the shoulder

Low to almost no recoil makes these rifles easy on the shoulder, making for longer and more accurate shooting sessions.

3. Nice and quiet

Sometimes even with hearing protection, enough big BANGS will have your ears ringing. Save your ears with the nice pew pew of a 22.

4. Very accurate

These rifles are easy to dial in and highly accurate, perfect for hitting the bullseye no matter what you use them for.

5. Cheaper ammo

With ammo cheaper than most centerfire rifles, you will spend more time counting bullseyes than dollars.

6. Ammo ammo everywhere

Because of their popularity, .22 ammo can be found at almost every store selling that sells ammo. Or that box in grandpas basement.

7. Guns can be inexpensive

You will always be able to find .22s on the high end of the scale, but for the most part, they are one of the most modestly priced rifles on the market.

8. Huge variety

Once again, popularity wins. Because 22’s are so popular, they are manufactured in various sizes, actions, and materials.

9. They are versatile

Used as a tool or for fun, .22s are not a one-trick pony. Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to 22s.

10. Great for plinking

The perfect gun for drawing on paper and recycling aluminum cans.

11. Perfect for pest control

The perfect guns for keeping the yard varmint free.

12. Perfect for hunting small game

Little but effective for filling the freezer with your favourite small game

13. Great for sport shooting

The perfect guns to start competing. There are even competitions built entirely around .22, like CPRS.

14. Perfect for your first rifle

Their low recoil, quiet sound, moderate price, and availability make them perfect for first-time gun owners.

15. Great for kids

Many .22’s can be purchased in sizes meant to fit smaller frames like women and children.

16. Good for introducing new shooters and beginners

Without the big bang and heavy recoil, .22s are perfect for introducing new, nervous shooters to recreational shooting.

17. Great for backpacking and hiking

Their small size and light weight make them perfect to carry while hiking deep into the woods.

18. Large magazines

Rimfire ammo is not subject to the same regulations as centerfire, allowing for a larger magazine capacity.

19. Easy to maintain

Their simple operation and easy access to cleaning supplies make them an easy rifle to maintain

20. Lots of ammo options

Various bullet weights and loads are available to fit your shooting style.

21. Just plain fun

22’s are just plain fun that anyone can enjoy!

22. We love them

The last reason to love .22’s is that they are loved by gunnies all around the world!

What do you love most about 22s?

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