Trigger Warning: Some of the accessories in this article may not be age-appropriate.

All right, gunnies. Let’s talk about accessories. Whether you’re hunting big game or shooting targets at a range, you’re packing more than guns.  Gun accessories can be super cool, and they can be kind of crazy. 

Check out 5 of the most inventive accessories you can find on the internet.

The Gun Bottle Opener

When you read that, you might’ve been thinking something like this. We’re talking about a literal bottle opener you can attach to your freaking gun.

It “doubles as a sling mount,” offering some sensibility to the senseless. But we still can’t get over its original purpose.  This is not an ideal way to pop your soda top. We recommend sticking to the ordinary and boring openers. We like our sodas safe!

CleanShot Barrel Cleaner

CleanShot Barrel Cleaner allows you to clean your gun by shooting it. Designed as a way to clean your shotgun…by shooting it. After firing a CleanShot shell, the company claims it wipes your barrel clean. It turns cleaning, which isn’t fun, into shooting.

Decibullz Percussive Shooting Filters

Now, these are super cool. The percussive filters detect the peak sound pressure of gunshots and suppress them. When gunshots aren’t going off, the filters allow you to hear ambient noise, such as a conversation or music. What’s cool is that they don’t need batteries to work. 

Axe Attachment for your shotgun

This one swings on the side of crazy. Aside from the ‘inventiveness,’ this accessory has no practical use. Chopping wood with it would be a speedy way to ruin a good shotgun.


We’ve never wondered if guns are boys or girls. And yet here we are! Gunsticles serve no practical use. Did we need to say that? As if the blue-ball truck-hitch fad wasn’t strange enough.

How do you choose your accessories? Do you go with function (ear protection)? Or…fashion (a bottle opener)? If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our accessories page at Canada’s Gun Store. There are loads of great items that will up your gun game.

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