Are you ready to start getting some serious turkeys this year? Whether you’re a seasoned hunter looking for an upgrade or just getting started, having the right turkey hunting shotgun is essential. To help get your hunt off to a great start, here are five perfect shotguns for gobbl’n up those gobblers. Whether it’s price or quality that matters to you, one of these fine firearms could be your perfect partner for this hunting season!

Winchester SXP Turkey Shotgun

The Winchester SXP Turkey Shotgun is the perfect blend of power and maneuverability. This 12GA shotgun, with its 24″ barrel, gives you great knockdown abilities without sacrificing your ability to slip through tight spots like dense woods or brush. It even comes packed with features that make it suited explicitly for gobbling up turkeys – from TruGlo fibre-optic sights to ensure quick target acquisition down to an ergonomic stock & forend combination, this gun is designed for comfort

Mossberg 500 Hunting Turkey Grand Slam Pump Shotgun

The Mossberg 500 Hunting Turkey Grand Slam Pump Shotgun (Say that five times fast) is a good pick for turkey hunters looking to take their game up a notch. With its 24″ vent rib barrel and X-Factor ported choke, you can easily dial in tight and consistent shot patterns. Need quick target acquisition? You’re covered thanks to the adjustable fibre optic sight that delivers accuracy – even when light levels are low! Plus, carrying it around all day won’t wear you down as it has an ergonomic stock designed with comfort in mind.

Stevens M301 Turkey XP Shotgun

For turkey hunters looking for a smaller, lightweight firearm with an affordable price tag, the Stevens M301 Turkey XP Shotgun could be just what you need. This single-shot 410 gauge shotgun is designed to get the job done when taking down gobblers at close range – no fancy bells and whistles here! It may not have as much power as bigger gauges, but it includes a removable extra-full choke that helps deliver tight, consistent patterns typical of longer ranges. So if you’re hunting on a budget, this Canadian classic might fit your needs perfectly.

Savage Model 212 Turkey Bolt-Action Shotgun

Suppose you’re looking for something different to take on your wild turkey hunt. Look no further than the Savage Model 212 Turkey Bolt-Action 12GA Shotgun. This unique gun boasts a bolt action design that offers precise control and accuracy when aiming at longer distances – an advantage not often seen in the typical pump or semi-automatic firearms! On top of this, it has an adjustable AccuTrigger so that you can tailor its fit specifically to your needs and preferences. Plus, with a 22″ carbon steel barrel, an extra full choke, and a comfortable camo synthetic stock, nothing will stop you from taking home dinner tonight.

Charles Daly 101 Turkey Single Shot Shotgun

If you want to get the most bang for your buck when turkey hunting, look no further than the Charles Daly 101 Turkey Single shotgun. This lightweight and maneuverable firearm is perfect for heading out into dense brush or tight spaces with its 20″ barrel. Designed for hunting, its extra-full turkey choke produces reliable patterns, and the fibre optic front sight provides quick target acquisition in all light conditions. With fewer moving parts than other options, this economic piece offers just enough without breaking your wallet!

From budget-friendly bargains to feature-packed options, there’s something for everyone. So get ready to start flushing those turkeys from their hiding spots. Remember: Canada’s Gun Store has shotguns for everyone, so you can find a gun that fits both your skill level and budget. It’s time to gear up for success! Let’s blast away this turkey season!


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