Tactical gear you can’t get at target

While ordinary clothing might be a form of self-expression, tactical gear goes beyond a funny pun or this summer’s hot new colour. Also, keep in mind that “tactical gear” refers to much more than clothing. It also includes gadgets like binoculars, night vision goggles, flashlights, water-resistant pouches, pocket knives, and sunglasses. 

The phrase ‘tactical gear’ came about for three reasons. 

1) As a way to sell unneeded military gear.

2) To separate ideas of war and death from the sport/lifestyle.

3) Give utility garments a more commercial rebrand. 

When it comes to success out in the field or down on the range, the hunting equipment you bring matters. Tactical gear will make you more efficient, simplify your day-to-day, and keep you safe. There are so many subjective reasons that go into deciding what kind of tactical gear you need. Consider what you are using it for, what problem you’re trying to solve, and how that specific item is gunna help you. 


Covid saw many of us splurge on jogging pants but leave them at home. Tactical pants protect you from cuts, scrapes, and the elements. The durable materials they’re made from offer ample coverage from brush, rocks, sun, and insects. Critical characteristics include multiple deep pockets, strengthened stitching, and disguised knee-pad protection while remaining comfortable. Look for clothing with UV protection, and rip resistance, and you’ll be the envy of all your gardener friends.


You don’t want to cram all your equipment into your backpack as you did in high school with all your textbooks. Tactical utility belts solve many problems that come with hauling equipment. Have the items where you need them when you need them.


Utility vests feature many of the same qualities as tactical pants and belts. Much thought goes into how much you can carry without dragging you down with excess weight. Putting on a well-organized vest is an excellent step in dressing for success. And you don’t need deep pockets to get these deep pockets. 


It’s time to give your feet a #reboot! A foot or leg injury from uncomfortable or poorly made shoes will cut short any hunt or hike. Choose your footwear accounting for its durability, breathability, comfort, and WATERPROOFING #trenchfoot. You don’t want to look back and say your boots put you in danger. 


If you’re more of a casual shooter and don’t want to invest in a long list of gear, we recommend at least having a pair of gloves. Even experienced shooters get blisters and cuts on their hands after a long day at the range. At the same time, the wrong gloves will limit your agility. The right ones can change your life with things like pressure-point padding and lining to protect your trigger finger from extreme weather conditions. 


A backpack is an integral part of any tactical outfit, from internal frames meant to balance weight to modular heavy-duty lightweight load-carrying equipment. If you want to bring it to the action in front of you, you’ve got to make sure your backpack has your back. 

Duty Holsters & Packs

Designed to carry food, first aid kits, blankets, ammunition, flashlights, firearm attachments, and anything else you might need for your protection, There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to packs. Tactical packs and bags keep your inventory safely organized from harsh weather conditions. These come in many shapes, sizes, and colours, depending on your needs.

In the past, tactical gear existed solely to fulfill one purpose: outfit the armed forces. Nowadays, with all you Gunnie’s running around, it’s part of the mainstream. Even ending up on Fashion Week catwalks. There are tons of practical benefits to tactical clothing; you just have to know which elements will help you the most.

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