Have you ever wondered;

How deep would a bullet go if shot into the dirt? 

Are Legos bulletproof? 

Could a solid glass ball stop a 50cal? 

We have, and thanks to firearm content creators like Demolition Ranch, we have the answers.

About Demolition Ranch

With almost 11 million subscribers and 2.1 Billion views, Demolition Ranch has become Youtube’s most watched firearms channel. Started in 2011 by Matt Carriker, the channel features 567 videos and as many guns. They say things are bigger in Texas, and they mean it. 

Aside from shooting cool guns, Matt has also tested the bullet-stopping abilities of everything from Legos to Flex Tape. These are Demolition Ranch’s 5 BEST bullet penetration tests.

How deep into the dirt will it go?

24 Million Views

Ever wonder how deep into the ground a bullet would penetrate? Matt tests four different calibres in this video by shooting down a forty-foot cliff into the dirt. The results? The 50 cal may surprise you.

Is titanium bulletproof?

22 Million views

Titanium is known for being one of the strongest metals, but is it strong enough to stop a bullet? 

Matt puts a 1/4″ block of solid titanium to the test in this video. Working his way up from a .22lr to a .50 BMG, it’s not long before the sparks fly.

How bulletproof are army helmets?

18 Million Views

If you love lever actions, then this video is for you. Exclusively shooting lever actions, Matt fires everything from a .22lr up to a .45-70 Government into a 1980s-issued US military helmet. 

Over 30 years old, how well would these kevlar helmets protect the troops wearing them? 

In this video, we find out.

Can a solid glass ball stop a 50cal?

16 Million Views

Standard glass windows don’t stand a chance against bullets. But what about a solid forty-pound ball of glass? Look into the metaphorical crystal ball and find out how tough glass can be.

Legos…Are they bulletproof?

13 Million Views

Legos are a nightmare to step on. An indestructible piece of plastic with sharp edges. What happens when you shoot it? Let alone a 7-pound solid block of it. From the tiny .22lr all the way up to the .50 BMG, the strength of Legos might surprise you.

What do you want Demolition Ranch to shoot next? For more entertaining firearms videos, visit the Demolition Ranch Youtube Channel. Just remember, don’t tell Mer.

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