For over a decade, The Slow Mo Guys’ YouTube channel has mesmerized audiences with their slow-motion videos. From explosive balloons to getting hit in the face with a soccer ball, Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy have captured some captivating moments. However, their footage showcasing guns and bullets stands out as some of the most extraordinary and beautiful things they have captured. Here are five of our favourite Slow Mo Guys firearm footage that will leave you in awe. Get ready to be amazed!

Underwater Bullets at 27,000fps

One of the most widely viewed gun-related videos from The Slow Mo Guys, shared in July of 2013, features them test-firing a semi-auto pistol and a revolver underwater in a backyard swimming pool. This video is so fascinating because the water allows us to see the shockwaves generated by bullets and the gun. And it’s beautiful. It’s no surprise it’s garnered over 38 million views.

Gun Exploding at 187,000fps

Have you ever wondered what happens when a gun explodes? This stunning display of destruction features Kentucky Ballistics – a favourite firearm content creator – and a survivor of a near-fatal exploding rifle incident. This video showcases the explosive power of a rifle, depicted with the same beauty and intrigue as Christopher Nolan’s Trinity test scene in Oppenheimer. Get ready to be blown away.

Elephant Rifle Annihilates Ballistic Gel at 82,000fps

Another favourite and once again featuring Kentucky Ballistics, this video gives a super slow-mo look at the power and energy of some considerable ammunition, like the 900-grain .600 Nitro Express and the 750-grain .577 Tyrannosaur. Not only do we get to what happens to the target, but also have a fun slow-mo look at the recoil of shooting these rounds on the shoulder. Ouch.

Bullet Racing at 90,000fps

From Season 1 of The Slow Mo Guys, “The Super Slow Show”, Bullet racing is precisely how it sounds. Take four completely different guns and use slow-mo to see who wins. It’s 9mm vs .45 vs 7.62×39mm vs .416 Barrett. What’s your bet?

Firing a 2-inch Gun at 12,500fps

While big guns are fun, another one of The Slow Mo Guys most popular gun videos features a 2mm pinfire pistol that is small enough to fit on your keyring. Although the gun may be comically small, the slow-mo footage makes its power, unleashed on full soda cans, look enormous.

Like these videos and want to see more? Check out The Slow Mo Guys Youtube channel.

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